10% quota giving sleepless nights to Opposition: Narendra Modi

10% quota giving sleepless nights to Opposition: Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

“Parties did not remove social injustice. When we did, they were caught napping,” he says.

A day after the Opposition’s massive unity rally in Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the grouping against his party an “alliance of corruption, negativity and instability”.

Stating that his government’s decision to provide 10% reservation to economically weaker sections (EWS) in the general category was giving “sleepless nights” to the opposition, he said it was the reason for the latter to fan across the country to “spread rumours” about the move.

Mr. Modi was addressing BJP’s booth-level workers from Lok Sabha constituencies of Kolhapur, Hatkanangle, Madha and Satara in Maharashtra and South Goa through video-conference on Saturday.

‘Dhanshakti Vs janshakti’

“You must have seen that one of the leaders who was sharing the dais recalled the Bofors scam. Truth cannot be kept hidden. The Opposition’s mahagathbandhan is an alliance of capitalists, corruption, scams, negativity and instability,” he said. “The Opposition has dhanshakti (money power), we have janshakti (people’s power),” Mr. Modi added.

“Those who were on the dais in Kolkata were either son or daughter of a big person or who wanted to make his son or daughter big in politics,” the Prime Minister alleged.

Those who never believed in democracy within their parties were now talking about democracy from a public platform, he said, taking a dig at the Opposition’s rally.

He said such people do not have faith in any institution and are busy defaming constitutional authorities.

“While on one hand they are busy saving or nurturing their own families, we are busy developing a nation. Our country is our family… Those who start violence against the person contesting against them even at the panchayat level, are now singing songs of protecting democracy,” Mr. Modi said.

On social injustice

“If our decision had no strength, then these people would not have had sleepless nights. They have to get down in the field to spread lies and rumours. This means we have done right work and worked for the country,” he said.

“After researching the Constitution, we made 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections. They (opposition) have not done anything for social injustice. When we did it, they were caught napping,” he said.

Additional seats

Seeking to allay concerns about lack of seats in educational institutes to accommodate the new quota provision, Mr. Modi said, “I would like to assure that we will increase 10% seats in every educational institution so that despite reservation, everyone will get an opportunity.”

He said the government would ensure that no one faced injustice and that the quota for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes remain intact. “But with (the new) 10% reservation, new opportunities have been opened up,” the Prime Minister asserted.

“Those who say that I took the decision keeping polls in mind, I want to ask them, when do we not have elections in the country,” he said. “If I did it before, they would have said I did it for the Karnataka elections, before that they would have said I did it to get benefit in Gujarat elections,” he added

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